How to be a Graffiti Artist

Not all graffiti is gang-related. It’s often left by individuals seeking a thrill and notoriety. Either way, it’s a serious crime, and prompt reporting is critical. When you see graffiti, contact our Customer Service department by dialing 3-1-1. You can also report graffiti online using Provo’s Self Service Portal found on

So what happens to the graffiti after that? Here’s a summary from our police department’s Community Oriented Policing (“COP”) team:

Graffiti reports come into our department in numerous ways: dispatch, the city website’s graffiti reporting tool, through the COP office number, our parks and recreation staff, officers on patrol, etc. An officer will respond and take a photograph of the graffiti (which we log in our files) and a crime report is written. We then also log the ‘tag’ names or image descriptives into a database that COP maintains so that when the same tag appears in the same style in multiple locations, we group them together so that if we apprehend or track down a suspect, we can refer those numerous multiple charges against the suspect for prosecution.

We send the cleanup requests to TAG (Teens Against Graffiti/HOPES work crew who work with the juvenile justice system) and they take their team out to remove the graffiti, only billing the city minimally for supplies used, not labor. There are usually young offenders on the crew working off criminal charges, as well as volunteers who make arrangements to assist. TAG completes the cleanup within 48 hours, except for on long weekends. Our firefighters also help to clean up hard to reach places such as over-passes, bridges, tall buildings, or dangerous locations. They assist in cleaning up within parks or along the river trail where possible. If graffiti has been reported yet still remains on view, don’t hesitate to call COP so that we can double-check if a crime report was taken, and ensure the cleanup takes place promptly.

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2017 Primary Election Results

The following election results have been reported on Provo’s Election Map. Many ballots still need to be counted and the results won’t be final until the election is canvassed. The next update will be August 18th.

The images above show the primary election results from last night.

The Daily Herald has updated the results from Tuesday’s municipal races for many Utah County cities. You can view the results here.

You can also read Daily Herald’s article about the Primary Election here.

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Today’s the Day!

If you didn’t mail-in your ballot yesterday, the polls are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm today at the Provo Recreation Center. You can easily place your ballot in the secure drop box at the Rec Center.

If you didn’t receive a ballot in the mail, you lost/misplaced your ballot, or you would like to affiliate, you may still vote provisionally at the Provo Recreation Center. Registered voters must bring a current ID (driver license with their current address or two items that have their current address).

Let’s keep Provo’s momentum going! Get out, cast your vote, and make your voice heard!

Where to watch election results?

You can watch Provo’s election results at After the polls close, Utah County Elections will post a PDF of the latest election results every 30 min. You can watch the congressional election results at

Feel free to visit if you have any questions.

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Last time to vote!

Your last chance to submit your mail-in ballot is today!

We’ve heard from the Utah County that approximately only 12% of the eligible ballots in Provo have been turned in. Make sure you get yours postmarked by Monday, Aug 14 before 6:00 pm.

If you don’t get it mailed in, the Provo Recreation Center is the only voting location open on Election Day – Tuesday, August 15 (7:00 am – 8:00 pm).

As you know your local government has the potential to affect you the most and it’s important you send in your ballot TODAY!

Let’s keep Provo’s momentum going!

Feel free to visit if you have any questions.

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Utah Lake Photo Contest

The Utah Lake Commission hosts an annual photo contest every summer. This contest promotes the beauty of Utah Lake, the fun recreational activities available there, and the amazing photos and videos taken by local photographers! This year the contest is sponsored by Allen’s Camera, Bonneville School of Sailing, Good life Rental, Lindon Marina, and Utah Paddle Boards. They have already started accepting submissions but you still have until 11:59 pm on September 15, 2017 to get your photos in!

Only photos taken within the 2017 calendar year will be accepted. Contestants may submit one photo in each of the following categories:

  • Utah Lake Scenery: photos of the lake in all seasons, ice, sunsets, reflections, etc.
  • Utah Lake Fun: images of people enjoying recreational activities at the lake.
  • Utah Lake Animal Life: images of animal, insect, or wildlife at Utah Lake.
  • Instagram: photos of anything and everything at Utah Lake.
  • Video: 1 minute video of recreation on Utah Lake.


Complete the following steps (with category-specific instructions below):

  1. Complete the google entry form for each submission at You may submit one photo for each of the five categories.
  2. Email a digital .jpeg, or video, file of the photo to by 11:59 pm on September 15, 2017. It must be at least 8MP (3264 x 2448). If you prefer, you may deliver your submission to the Utah Lake Commission on a USB flash/thumb drive or CD.
  3. Your .jpeg, or video, file must be titled by “Category.FirstNameLastName” (i.e. utahlakefun.janedoe)
  4. INSTAGRAM and VIDEO ONLY: in addition to an email submission, the photograph must be posted to your Instagram account with both of these hashtags: #utahlakephotos and #utahlakeapc.
  5. VIDEO ONLY: video submissions must be 30-60 seconds. Please make sure your video resolution is a minimum of 720 x 1280.


Photos will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • 40% Quality (focus, lighting, depth of view)
  • 40% Composition (creativity, arrangement)
  • 20% Originality (think beyond just a sunset at the lake)

*Instagram and Video judging will be done according to the following categories:

  • 1st  place –  Most likes (only likes on Instagram will count)
  • 2nd place – Utah Lake Commission Office Favorite (selected by staff of Utah Lake Commission)
  • 3rd place – Random selection INSTAGRAM CATEGORY ONLY (a random generator will select this winner)
  • 3rd place – Most Instagram Views VIDEO CATEGORY ONLY


Winners of the photography contest will be notified by email and featured on Utah Lake Commission social media There will also be a photo show at the Utah Lake Photo club meeting on October 27th to showcase the winners. First prize winners will be provided with contact information for their prize and will need to reach out to sponsors to claim it. Prizes will include:

Category 1st place prize
Utah Lake Wildlife Sunset Cruise form Bonneville Sailing
Utah Lake Scenery $250 Gift Card from Allen’s Camera
Utah Lake Fun Half-day Ski boat rental from Utah Paddle Boards
Instagram Water sport rental package for 5 people from Lindon Marina
Video JetSki rentals for 2 people from Good Life Rentals
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S’mores Party at Utah Lake

In celebration of National S’mores Day, Utah Department of Natural Resources is hosting a party at the lake on Thursday, August 10th from 4:00 – 8:00 pm at Utah Lake State Park (4400 West Center St, Provo). Bring your family and friends to this yummy event for fun and delicious s’mores by campfire.

Activities include:

  • Campfires
  • Skewers and s’mores fixin’s – Chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. Bring your favorite s’more recipe to share!
  • 4 water bounce houses
  • 1 dry bounce house
  • Dunk a ranger in a dunk tank
  • And much more!

For more information visit:

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Learn more about Net Metering!

If you’re interested in solar or would like to learn more about net metering – come check out Provo City Power’s Info Meeting at 6:30 pm, Wednesday night (August 9th) in the Provo Power Building located at 251 West 800 North. You’ll meet with staff, discuss the benefits of solar panels and learn about the whole process! This is a great meeting for customers who are interested in net metering, all existing net metering customers, and any solar companies that want to receive the most recent information about how solar panels work, how they connect to the electric utility and what rates net metering customers should expect to be paying.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Net Metering and the Electrical Grid
  • Net Metering Rates
  • When Solar Panels Work for you

If you have questions about the event please contact the office by calling 801-852-6886 or by email at

What is Net Metering?

Net Metering, also known as “Solar Power Generation”, is a system in which solar panels are connected to a public-utility power grid and surplus power is transferred onto the grid and the customers are then credited for the power generated at a rate approved by the municipal council. For example, you can view Provo’s current net metering rates here.

Provo Power is an advocate for renewable energy resources, and is even using a solar array at their administration office. Provo Power and UMPA (Utah Municipal Power Agency) are working to create programs of awareness and offer community solar options where customers can participate without the up-front capital costs. It is the goal of Provo Power to promote and use renewable resources where appropriate, but to also inform our customers of the latest trends and demands in the electric industry.

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Provology Fall Term

It’s back again! Enrollment is now open for the fifth session of Provology 101. We invite you once more to join us behind the scenes at Provo City and experience this class for yourself. You can learn about how our city is run, discover where and how to find information, and meet some of the dedicated people who make it all work.

The fall session of Provology 101 will run from 6:30-9:00 p.m. every Wednesday, September 20 – November 15, 2017 – with a graduation from 5:30-7:30 pm on November 21.

Each night you’ll learn about different departments in the city and what they do.  You’ll tour facilities, participate in activities and watch demonstrations. We guarantee you’ll know more about Provo when we’re done than you did when you started. We’ll help you increase your ability to understand what’s happening in our city and find your own way to participate in the decision making process. When we’re through, you will be invited to join our alumni network and meet others who want to serve in the community.

Sign up today for the chance to experience Provology 101 for yourself! Enrollment in this free program is only open to adult Provo residents and class size is limited. Registration is open online from August 1 – September 1. All applicants will be notified of their registration status by September 4 by e-mail.

Questions? Contact Bre Perrone at

Click here to enroll in this amazing opportunity.

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Back to School Shopping Giveaway!

When construction is complete on the Provo Orem TRIP (Transportation Improvement Project), you’ll have more choices for how to get around to all your favorite places. But in the meantime, don’t let roadwork hold you back from taking advantage of all our community has to offer. Access and travel lanes will stay open to all your favorite businesses, restaurants and retailers regardless of the roadwork. That means you can keep supporting the businesses in our community as we grow together!

As part of the Shop On back-to-school shopping business promotion campaign, the Transportation Improvement Project will be giving away $100 & $25 gift cards every week to a Shop On TRIP Winner of the Week. Just follow the TRIP Facebook Page to stay up-to-date on your favorite businesses in the area and discover new places you have yet to try. And then keep your eyes out for their giveaway posts for a chance to win!

For example, hurry and head over to the TRIP Facebook Page right now and find the Applebee’s post for a chance to win $25. All you have to do is make sure you’ve “liked” the page and then leave a comment describing what your choice would be for a 2 for $20 combination (one appetizer and two entrees) if you could choose from any items on the Applebee’s menu. The contest ends Friday, August 4th, so hurry and good luck!

Provo Orem TRIP

The purpose of the Provo Orem TRIP is to improve transportation and increase travel options along the main corridor of Utah County’s two largest cities, especially as these cities continue to grow. It is a road, transit, bicycle and pedestrian improvement project.

Businesses are opening their doors in Utah County faster than many other areas of the state. TRIP will support additional growth by offering multiple transportation options in the area and making access easier for customers and employees.

Learn more:

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A Family Fun A Fair

If you’ve driven by the Peaks Ice Arena recently, you might have noticed a large disco bull standing out front…

…Provo City was invited to participate in the Utah County Fair Roundup – Bull Decorating Contest! Each city in Utah County decorated a bull and placed it somewhere in their city to help promote the upcoming County fair. The entry with the most votes will win an award at the Utah County Fair, August 16 – 18 at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds!

Residents can now vote for Provo’s disco bull!

Click on the link to vote and check out all the other decorated bulls throughout the county! It’s fun to see all the variety and different themes.

And in case you don’t have the date saved in your calendar – the Utah County Fair is Wednesday, August 16 – Saturday, August 19 at the fairgrounds in Spanish Fork (475 S Main Street). Take your family and enjoy the Demolition Derby, the Monster Truck Show, enter or pick a team to cheer for at the Pig Wrestling Contest or Live Animal Show, and don’t forget about the Carnival and the Ranch Rodeo too. There’s so many fun things to see and do!

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