Gangs In Provo?

Sometimes I feel that I’m alarmist when I talk about the need for greater safety in Provo. When I talk about gangs and drugs I get a look of astonishment from those that don’t think we have these problems in Provo. Last night in a Provo park two gangs squared off for a knife fight. We can work as hard as we want to improve our neighborhoods but as long as families have the chance to encounter a gang fight in a public park we will struggle to have great neighborhoods.

Gang-related knife fight hospitalizes one in Provo

The Salt Lake Tribune
Updated: 05/21/2009 11:25:54 AM MDT

A gang-related fight in Provo sent one man to the hospital with stab wounds Wednesday, police said.

No one was immediately arrested in the fight, which started when about eight men from two feuding gangs met at Riverside Park, said Provo Police Capt. Cliff Arygle. Some of the combatants, who ranged in age from 17 to 27, were armed with bats and two had knives when they clashed about 5:30 p.m.

People in the park, located at 1260 West 600 North, called police as one man was stabbed in the leg and shoulder and slashed on his chest. The fighters scattered when they saw his injuries, but when officers arrived they caught up with three men, Argyle said.

The injured man was taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries, but the other knife fighter, also thought to be hurt, wasn’t found.

The men are all known to police but they have not been cooperative with the investigation, Argyle said.

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  1. john–

    yes, this is fascinating. although provo is not seen as having a “gang problem” per se, i think the perception needs to change. when i talk to some of my salt laker friends, they simply roll their eyes and think, “yeah, PROVO?!” …until i had them listen to a police scanner a few nights– they were AMAZED that provo had a problem with ANYTHING!! yes, so i think as we keep improving in areas where we KNOW we need to work, provo will become a better and safer place to live.

  2. Anonymous

    Well if Provo police chief and the Mayor would get off their wallets and get more gang officers instead of having just one maybe this would not happen. Orem has 6 gang officers that I know of.

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