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As you probably know, my husband John is running for Mayor of Provo. This has been a decision we’ve talked about together as a family for a long time. It is a decision we have made together; and I want you to know that as a family we are 100% behind John in this decision.

I hope you will allow me to take a few moments of your time to introduce you to my husband and the man who I know is the right person to lead Provo at this critical point in our city’s history.

I think it is fair to say that I know John better than anyone else. John and I were high school sweethearts. I began dating John when I was 16. We have been married for 27 years and together we have shared the joy and hardships of raising six children.

I can remember the first time I noticed John.He walked into my High School classroom and everyone began whispering to each other about what a great guy he was.Even in his teens he was viewed by his peers as a leader. John was elected as a Student Body officer at Skyline High in Salt Lake City, not necessarily because of his popularity but more so because he was a solid, down to earth guy who was a friend to everyone. Our chance encounter that day led to our first date and eventually to our engagement, four years to the day later. He has always enjoyed making a big deal with those types of things.

John has been blessed with a very keen mind and with the ability to think clearly and understand various situations as they arise. He is a natural listener. He has been called to help solve problems that involve the lives of many people, not only in his profession, but at home and in his church service as well. John has always had an ability to see the root cause of problems and to easily see a way to reach a positive resolution.

In another life, John could be a professional organizer.From his systems for tracking paperwork and office details to his pinned and folded socks and perfect garage and closet; John just knows how to establish order and efficiency.It’s something that comes naturally and has proven to be a huge plus in his ability to juggle many balls at once with ease and perfection. He is great at balancing work, family, church, and other volunteer responsibilities. While he has always worked at full speed and energy in his profession, he has found a way to do it so as to never compromise what he and I agree is his most important responsibility – his family.

John is not your typical politician. He holds himself to a high set of conservative principles and values that will always be at the core of who he is and what he is about. He believes a government should not do for people what they can or should do for themselves. He is a strong advocate of personal responsibility and accountability. His passion for these principles has extended beyond party lines. In fact, he has taken criticism for his belief that principles are more important than party and for fighting for these principles in both major political parties.

John derives pleasure from improving his surroundings. He’ll polish shoes while watching a game, fix a door or change out light bulbs while the rest of us laze around. Yet, John loves to have fun as a family; we have enjoyed boating, camping, motor biking, hik ng, playing games and getting out in nature – Utah is not only our home, but our playground as well. John would take a campfire and a tent over the nicest hotels in the world.

Those who have worked for and with John have come to greatly value his honesty and integrity. As a manager, he has learned how to motivate and get the best out of those who work for him. I believe this is because he respects everyone’s contribution and knows how to recognize and reward people for their good work. People like to work in an environment where good work is rewarded and poor performance is not tolerated. In two decades of managing hundreds of employees John has had less than a half dozen quit while their manager. From this small handful, some actually ended up coming back to work for John.

John believes the Mayor’s responsibility extends beyond just the formal obligation to manage the city, but also to know the people and understand their various perspectives; you can see this already in the way he campaigns.He has spent thousands of hours attending meetings and visiting with various city department heads, community leaders, and citizens. This has given John amazing insight into how to best facilitate moving Provo in an accelerated, positive direction.

In our home we have a plaque on our hearth with our family motto which reads:



In Unity there is Strength.



John will carry this motto into the Mayor’s office. He has the ability to bring people to the table, discuss difficult issues with a variety of opinions, and come out with the best possible results for all involved. Provo needs a leader with this kind of attitude.

John is not without his own flaws, but I can assure you he has what it takes to lead and represent Provo.I whole heartedly recommend him to you as a man you would be proud to have as your Mayor and your friend.



Sue Curtis


p.s. I would encourage you to come and learn more about John. Enclosed you will find a flyer with several opportunities to meet him.

p.s.s. If you have any questions feel free to call John on his cell phone at 801-362-0015 and/or check out his website:


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