Crime and Safety

Many of you have probably heard about the homicide investigation relating to the recent death of a Provo City woman. It’s a tragic loss and we’re very sad for the family involved.

Provo’s crime rates are among the lowest in the nation, but serious crimes such as homicides occur here like everywhere else. Homicides in Provo are infrequent–about one or two a year, including deaths caused by child abuse–but any crime is too much crime, especially when it involves your family. Provo City has been, and continues to be, committed to minimizing crime as much as possible. We don’t believe this recent case gives the public any reason to be more concerned about safety than usual. It appears to have been an inter-family incident, not a random act, and an individual has been taken into custody as a result of the investigation.

You can follow crime trends in Provo by reading monthly and annual crime reports on the City’s website. You can also get further information from your Community Oriented Police Officer.

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