More Fun in Provo

During my tour de fun to celebrate my birthday last week, The Peaks Arena gave me this shirt. I am now an honorary Zamboni driver and the oldest certified youth hockey player.

Speaking of fun, Beverly Pecoraro’s Utah Studies class at the Walden School of Liberal Arts in Provo came up with their own list of fun things to do in the Provo/Orem area:

Hiking–the Y/Timpanogos/Stewart Falls/Bridal Veil Falls/anywhere up Provo Canyon

Golf/mini golf

Stadium of Fire


Airsoft gun

Classic Skating


Hockey at The Peaks Arena

Seven Peaks waterslides


Laser tag

Sundance–skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, film festival, trail running, art classes, jewelry making, twilight chairlift, movies and plays in the summer

Swimming at the Scera [and Veterans Memorial] pool

Kayaking/tubing/rafting down Provo River

Sledding/tubing at snowy locations

Velour/Muse–local music scene

EDP, The Loft, Sweets–dancing

Teen Center

Art gallery stroll

Color Me Mine

Versus Gaming Center

Boys and Girls Club

Shopping–malls, downtown stores

Provo skate park

BYU–art museum, sporting events, cultural events, guest speakers, Bean Museum, and other

Owlz Baseball

Provo’s Farmers Market

Fat Cats–bowling

Progressive power tumbling

Climbing outdoors and indoor (The Quarry)

Ice climbing

Downtown Provo–biking, shopping, dining

Freedom Festival

Scera Theater and Hale Center Theater [and Covey Center for the Arts]

Ice cream/forzen yogurt–an overabundance of choices

Boating/wakeboarding/waterskiing on Utah Lake


Provo River Trail–longboarding, rollerblading, biking, running, walking

Hang gliding

Hot air baloon ride


Provo Library

Walden School of Liberal Arts

Horseback riding

Dining out–tons of great local restaurants






Four wheeling

Provo Gun Club/Rangemasters



Provo Rec Center


Parks–lots of parks all over Provo

Ropes course

Frisbee golf

Thank you, Ms. Pecoraro’s class, for that list!

And for more ideas, check out the list on cjan’es Guide to Provo.
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