Provo Airport Progress

This week we enjoyed the ground breaking for the new radar system at Provo Airport!
It was a big day for the airport, Provo and Utah County. Studies show that as much as 25% of the air traffic leaving and coming to Salt Lake Airport originates in Utah County. My goal is to have scheduled service in Provo in a year which will allow that 25% to depart from Provo rather than Salt Lake.
 Possible destinations for the scheduled service include;
*San Francisco
*Las Vegas
and several others.
 As someone who has flown many miles I would be all too pleased to be able to drive 10 minutes to the airport and leave from a less congested terminal. The radar, which will be complete in about a year, is a big step towards the scheduled service.
Thursday a Skywest plane leaving from Salt Lake City made an emergency landing in Provo. No one was hurt of the 20 or so passengers on the flight. Assisting the Salt Lake airport with safety situations is not an isolated event.  For instance,  last winter a number of flights were diverted to Provo from Salt Lake due to fog.
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