How Do We Get Our Students and Young Adults More Involved in Provo?

In response to a desire to better understand and respond to our student and young adult population we have created “The Students of Higher Education and Young Adult Advisory Board.”   Its purposes include:

  • To review, discuss and forward recommendations on issues, concerns, and initiatives of the students of higher educational institutions and other young adults in the Provo community.
  • Issues, concerns, and initiatives, may relate to parking, transportation, transit, off-campus housing, recreational and leisure interests, student service opportunities, reaching out with new media to young adult populations and encouraging civic engagement among young adult age groups.
Membership of the Advisory Board consists of 9 young adults.
  • Members must be between 18 and 30 years of age
  • They must live within the city limits of Provo for their entire term
  • At least 5 members of the board must be students in the higher education system
  • One student member is nominated by the president of the BYU Student Association
  • One student member is nominated by the president of the UVU Student Association
  • The remaining four members may or may not be students
  • Members will serve 2 year terms, except for the student association representatives who will serve one year terms; initial terms will be staggered so not all terms will expire at once
  • Members will be appointed by the Mayor, but are subject to the advise and consent of the Municipal Council
  • A representative of the Mayor and a member of the Municipal Council will serve as non-voting members of the Advisory Board
The Board may also create subcommittees consisting of board members and others.
Residents who wish to serve on this Advisory Board should be committed to serve a full term, be willing to attend a monthly meeting during the school year, and will serve without compensation.

Photo courtesy of BYU Photo.

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