Veterans Memorial Pool Breaks Revenue Record

The Veterans Memorial Pool had 85,000 visitors and generated $240,000 in revenue this past season, more than in any other year before.  June was also the highest revenue generating month in the history of the pool.
And even more importantly, there were no major accidents or injuries, thanks to our highly trained and professional aquatic staff.
An eight-year-old visitor from Idaho even went to our aquatics facilities supervisor’s office to tell her his trip to the pool was “the best day of his life.”
What’s really interesting is that a few years ago, before the addition of the splash pool, the Veterans Memorial Pool was losing money.  The year before the splash pool was added, it only brought in $59,000, and required a transfer of $120,000 from the city’s general fund.  Now it’s making money, operating with an $80,000 surplus.

Read a Daily Herald article about it here.

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