Senator Hatch Visits Action Target

A number of months ago I mentioned to Senator Hatch that next time he was in Provo, I’d like to show off the new Action Target facility.
Last week a received a call from his office saying he was coming Monday and wanted to see the building.  I made a quick call to my good friends at Action Target and they made some fast arrangements for the Senator. 
This year Action Target will ship over $50,000,000 of shooting range equipment around the world.  They employ 150 people, and spend 10s of millions of dollars in our local economy.  
I’m often asked if I still work at Action Target.  The answer is sadly, no. 
I miss my many friends who I worked with for over a decade.  
They keep an office and a desk for me but I have a hard time finding time to use it.

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  1. What an impressive company to be in Provo, and very impressive that Senator Hatch took the time to come and see. Awesome!

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