Blizzard Warning

Terry Snelson with the Street Maintenance Division taught  me about snow removal last winter.
The National Weather Service calls tonight’s blizzard a “very potent storm”.  
Listen to a briefing here:
In case you’re wondering, here’s the process the city follows when it comes to snow removal:
First, the Monitoring Phase.  The Police Department and Streets Maintenance Division monitor conditions as the snow storm develops.
Second, the Alert Phase.  When snow starts to accumulate, the on-call supervisor in the Streets Maintenance Division notifies the snow plow drivers of the need to report to work.
Third, the Operations Phase.  During the snow storm, the first priority is to sand and salt the collector roads, regulated intersections, hillsides, and curves.  Next in priority are the secondary and residential streets.
Fourth, the Next Day Phase.  The day after the storm, the Streets Maintenance Divisions’ responsibilities include clearing cul-de-sacs and removing snow from business areas.

It might be helpful to keep in mind that the following major roads are maintained by the state, not the city:  1) University Avenue; 2) State Street, which becomes 500 West, then 300 South, and State Street again; and 3) Geneva Road to Center Street to 500 West.
Read more about our snow removal operations in last February’s city newsletter here.
City staff will also post information on this blog and the city Facebook page throughout the day.

Please be careful as you drive tonight!

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