Provo’s Website Rated Among the Best in the State

Here at Provo we have worked hard to make our website the type of tool that really helps our residents.  Recently the Salt Lake Tribune highlighted a report by the Sutherland Institute that gave Provo an A- for our website.  The grade reflects our efforts to pack our website full of helpful information.  (Don’t worry, Sutherland, we’ll keep working for an A+).
What did Sutherland like?  Their grade was based on, “information about taxes and budgets, contacts for city leaders, city council meeting minutes, audits, contracts, building permits and directions on how to request public information.”  Bottom line: they were looking for transparency.
Below are some website links you may find helpful.  Let me know what you think should be on our website and we’ll see if we can get it added.
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  1. I’ve always found the website quit informative and I can usually find all the information I want. I also enjoy reading this blog–it’s like my social center for what’s going on in Provo (and the best eats in Provo. We’re trying La Jolla Grove tomorrow).

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