2010 Accomplishments–Information Systems

The Information Systems (“IS”) Division is part of the Administrative Services Department.*  In very simple terms, IS provides technical support to the other city departments.  Here are a few of its accomplishments from the past year:
  • Wireless Video Upload for Police:  Patrol car video recordings can now be instantly viewed by police administration and at the Justice Court.
  • Justice Court Video Recordings on Demand:  Officers can now search and view video evidence on demand in the court room, including such details as GPS, speed, when the officer turned on lights and siren, applied the breaks, etc., eliminating the need to burn the recording to a DVD for the officer, and increasing the accuracy of decisions.
  • Digital Document Management:  Four departments now use a digital document management system, increasing efficiency and reducing the cost of paper, ink, and the storage of hard copies.
  • DVR at Airport:  A new digital voice recorder system with enhanced connectivity in the control tower at the airport complies with new FAA regulations intended to help with accident investigations.
  • Election Map:  Residents were able to watch the real-time results of the 2010 elections.
  • Helpdesk Education:  Employees have been educated to route all requests for technical support through a dispatching system, increasing efficiency and completion of requests.
The work of IS can be compared to supporting a dozen or more small businesses.  Its services are in high demand and essential to the operation of the city.
*  The other divisions in the Administrative Services Department are Finance, Facilities, Human Resources, Media Services, the Justice Court, and the City Recorder. 
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