Am I the Only One That Finds This Interesting?


Tonight I was looking at where my blog readers come from.  The numbers above are page views for the last 11 months.  Are you kidding me?  204 page views from South Korea?  29 from Vietnam.  What can I say?  I clearly have an international blog.

Other interesting (at least to me) facts?
Over 40,000 pages views

Most viewed page was The Beach Boys Ticket Give Away

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  1. I have been telling everyone about your blog, even my readers in south korea…

  2. Hi, it is interesting.

    But I would bet that most of those pageviews coming from other countries are not coming from humans!

    There’s tons of small little search engines that use automated software (web bots) to visit sites out there that match the keywords or key phrases that they’re doing research or data harvesting on.

    In my opinion, what would be more interesting to see would be the keywords or keyphrases that people/programs are searching by to get to your site! 🙂

    Roger Brown

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