2010 Accomplishments–Energy Department

Provo City Power, or the Provo City Energy Department, supplies the power for all of the homes and businesses in the city–over 30,000 customers.  We are one of the few cities in the state and country that do not rely on a private, investor-owned electric company for power.  Here are some of the Energy Department’s main accomplishments from 2010:
  • Northwest Annexation: About 200 customers in an area recently annexed by the city have been converted onto our electric system from Rocky Mountain Power.  New power lines and equipment were set into place to aid in the transfer.
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program:  A program offering energy audits, appliance rebates, and weatherization incentives is ready to launch in January 2011.
  • Utility Bill Payment Options:  Customers now have several free, convenient ways to pay utility bills, eliminating the need to accept credit card payments, which will save the city about $250,000 per year.
  • Budget Cuts:  The operating staff has been reduced by 15 positions and the operating budget cut by 18%.
  • New Electrical Rates:  Despite significant budget cuts, the increasing cost of power has required a rate increase.  Completion of a cost of service study, a comprehensive public education campaign, and the required public hearings and meetings resulted in the necessary increase to maintain a financially stable system.
  • 46 kV Transmission Upgrade:  The existing line is now upgraded with new wire and about 20 new pole replacements from Draper Substation (west side) to the 900 East substation along 500 and 700 North streets.
  • Tree City USA Awards:  The tree crews in the Forestry Division have earned the Tree Line USA Award for the 14th consecutive year, and the Tree City USA Award for the 26th consecutive year.
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