2010 Accomplishments–Engineering

The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department helps keep our city functioning at top levels with advances like the the following:
  • 820 North and Independence Avenue Roundabout:  Improvements to this intersection include installation of a roundabout, pedestrian crossings, and with the help of the Parks Department, landscaping.
  • 2010 Road Rehab:  Several streets were resurfaced in 2010, including 2530 West, 2470 West, 100 South, and 2000 North.
  • 100 South Improvements:  This project included the installation of sidewalk, handicap ramps, driveway approaches, brick pavers, street trees, a drip irrigation system, new street lighting, and curb and gutter repair, from Freedom Boulevard to 500 West.  It also included a new asphalt overlay from 100 East to 500 West, and was painted to include bike lanes in each direction as well as a center turn median.
  • Provo Westside Connector Project:  The draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) has been completed and the division is working through issues with several federal agencies.  
  • Lakeshore Drive:  The final section of Lakeshore Drive connecting Center Street to 400 North on the north side of the Provo River, provides another way to travel north and south in west Provo besides Geneva Road.  It includes a bridge over the river, a 10 foot pathway on the west, a six foot sidewalk along the east, a bike lane in each direction, and a connection to the Provo River Parkway Trail.  
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