2010 Accomplishments–Public Services

The Public Services Division of the Public Works Department includes the Provo Municipal Airport, Fleet Management, Sanitation, and Streets Maintenance.  Here are some of the important accomplishments in these areas last year:
  • RADAR:  Installation of a Beacon Interrogator 6 system is underway at the airport.
  • Air Service Grant:  A $500,000 federal grant will help the airport with marketing and advertising to bring commercial service to Provo.
  • Duncan Aviation:  Duncan Aviation  has started servicing aircraft at the airport in Million Air’s new hangar facility.
  • Fleet Management Fund Balance:  Fleet management’s fund balance has increased by $150,000.
  • Recycling Growth:  The number of blue can recycling customers has increased every month since the program was introduced in August, 2003, and green can yard waste customers have increased by three percent this past year.
To sign up for recycling, call 852-6000.
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