2010 Accomplishments–Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Department runs circles around the rest of us, constantly finding fun, creative ways to improve its programs and facilities.  Its list of accomplishments is longer than my golf drive, so I’ll just mention a few:
  • Park Projects:  Completed the grading, hard scape, and irrigation system for Lakeview Park in west Provo; and completed the design and started construction on Phase 2 of the North University Avenue Greenway.
  • The Reserve at East Bay Golf Course:  Took over the entire management of the golf course.
  • Cemetery:  Successfully transitioned from Milton DeLeeuw to James Cornaby as the cemetery sexton; and budgeted to hire an architect to design the cemetery expansion.
  • Peaks Ice Arena:  Installed indoor turf in the north expansion area and successfully booked it.
  • Covey Center for the Arts:  Completed the year with a client retention rate of 85% from last year.
  • Recreation Center:  Brought in $65,000 more than projected revenues, and expenditures were lower than expected.
  • Veterans Memorial Pool:  Ended with an $80,000 surplus over expenditures.
  • Eldred Senior Center:  Increased participation in the facility and programs, including new programs such as the Book Club, Red Hat Society, Senior Yoga, Golf Club, and fitness classes.
  • Special Events and The Center:  Developed new internship and volunteer programs involving 17 interns and 500 volunteers.
  • Youth and Adult Sports:  Performed a detailed analysis of each sports program budget and made necessary adjustments to run each program at a break even status for direct costs.
  • Recreation Division:  Worked with a citizen committee, elected officials, and volunteers on a bond to fund a new community recreation center, resulting in passage by voters in the November elections; and developed a subsidy reduction program for all programs, services, and facilities.
You can read a complete list of accomplishments here, and revisit some of the best Parks and Recreation blog posts here:
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  1. Anonymous

    so nice!

  2. It’s nice to know that you have a lot of new and improved services in your recreation center, and I think all the recreation centers must have regular maintenance and must have new projects all the time; for them to attract more guests and tourists. In Denver Colorado, recreation centers there in our town have great and improved facilities too, for us residents and for the tourists also to enjoy the place. Denver parks and recreation centers also are especially made for the family who just want to have an unforgettable bonding experience.

  3. Anonymous

    Do you know when phase 3 will start for the Lakeview Park? I know the kids are anxious, and with all the construction it makes for a dangerous situation that makes the parents nervous.

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