Splashing Makes a Comeback at Pioneer Park

If you’re like me, you have missed the canal that ran through Pioneer Park.  I can’t say that I ever rolled up my pants and waded in it but every time I drove by and saw dozens of kids playing and adults wading in the canal I  thought to myself, “that is a cool thing to have in Provo.”
Due to safety and other concerns the canal was covered up several years ago.  
Thanks to the Municipal Council’s appreciation of the importance of the park and some great planning by our Parks and Recreation Department the wading and playing are coming back in a grand fashion.
Not only does the proposal bring back the fun, it also teaches and focuses on the groups that make up Provo’s history.  They include tributes to the Spanish Explorers, Native Americans, Mountain Men, and the Mormon Immigrants.  The center of the water pad will resemble a wagon wheel representing the pioneers and stamped into the concrete will be a variety of figures representing Provo’s history. 
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  1. This looks AMAZING! I’m so excited to bring my kids here! Will there be a playground at all?

    1. Yes, the currant play ground is incorporated into the plan.

  2. Anonymous

    k, now THAT’S cool! 🙂 i lived three blocks from this park and played in the “ditch” for most of my childhood. good to see a nice improvement made to the park!

  3. Awesome! Now I won’t have to drive up to Highland to use theirs anymore.

  4. I’ve been hoping Provo would get on the splash park bandwagon for a long time. We won’t need to drive to Spanish Fork! Of course with the number of kids in Provo we could probably fill up 5 or 6 of these!

  5. Anonymous

    Jimmer wept.

  6. Is this still happening? I drive by the park frequently and it doesn’t look like anything is going on in the northeast corner of the park.

  7. when is this supposed to be done? the construction is really putting a damper on the farmers market (though I know the end result will be awesome)

  8. yay!! I was wondering if they were going to have a splash pad there. It will make that park so much better and Provo needs a splash pad. It looks like it’s going to be great. Plus I LOVE that they put a fence up around the playground, I feel a lot safer taking my kids there. Thanks!

  9. Anonymous

    IS there somewhere I can go to see what days the playground will be closed? Twice I’ve loaded up my kids, walked down there, and found it closed and then had to walk back (with some very strong objecting coming from the stroller…). I realize they have to close it in order to do work sometimes but is there a place I can check online or something that will warn me when this will be?

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