Freedom Academy Awards Ceremony

Today Cynthia Dayton and I were guests of Freedom Academy.  We were privileged to watch first hand as the entire school was awarded the Healthier US School Challenge Award and as Colton Lee was presented the Prudential Spirit of Community Award.  Both awards signal significant achievement.  I applaud the school and the kids for their efforts to live a healthy lifestyle which will pay large dividends in the future and to Colton for his dedication to community service.  I think Colton will make a great mayor.

That’s Colton in the middle.

 Congratulations to students, parents, facility and administration for your accomplishments.

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  1. Congratulations to Colten and the entire Lee family. I have known his dad all of his life. There is a rich heritage of service in this family. Colten has had a great example to follow and is doing a wonderful job of it! I have great love for him and his family! I am so very proud of his efforts to serve others!
    From Debby Sharp Johnson in Grand Haven, Michigan.

  2. Anonymous

    What an amazing young man! A great act to follow!

  3. It was really great to have you at our school that day! What a fun event and a memorable one for everyone.

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks to Colten’s example, I have now done 23 hours of cimmunity service. Thank you mayor for doing things like meals on wheels. Thank you Colten, the “future mayor”.

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