Meeting Jimmer

So with the success of Jimmer, I was pretty sure I’d never have a chance to meet him again (the first time was last year at the Boys & Girls Club when I asked him who he was). Imagine my surprise when I attended the Sugar Ray concert at the Shops of Riverwoods and learned that not only was Jimmer coming, but I was invited to meet him and take a picture with him as well.
I was escorted past a series of raw-meat-eating body guards into a room, and there was “THE JIMMER” in real life. Before I knew it, I had my arm around him and they were shooting pictures. All I needed was a fan blowing my hair and it would’ve have been exactly like the models you see on TV. 
What I remember from the moment was wondering, “Who are these other people, and what are they doing in my picture with Jimmer?”
Seconds later the “other people” in the picture took the stage and I learned that not only did I have my picture taken with Jimmer, but with the entire group of Sugar Ray as well.
Oh, by the way, Jimmer made Sugar Ray’s blog, and I didn’t. They’re probably wondering, “Who’s that guy in our picture with Jimmer?”

Thanks to Brandon Osmond for the photo

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  1. Awesome John…can I have your autograph. If you remember, I kissed Elvis at 17 in Las Vegas……you might want my autograph but it is really old news I keep milking. Can you believe they had me tell the stroy to the YW the other night ( they were too young to have evr heard it) Some things never change 🙂 You rock, Mr. Mayor xoxo

  2. Funny stuff. I’m still laughing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’m going to have to start abusing our friendship a little more in order to hang with the celebs like you do. I’m totally in love with Mark McGrath (don’t tell Paul)!!!

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