Provo Bike, Pedestrian, and Transit Study

Currently a study is underway to take a in-depth look at bicycle and pedestrian needs within Provo. As part of the study, connectivity of trails within the Provo area will be assessed and recommendations will be made for updates of the existing plan.
I’m personally excited for the study. I’d like to see Provo excel in our bicycle and pedestrian trails. This is important for multiple reasons. The better we do at trials, the fewer cars we have on the road, and the healthier our community will be.
The study will take a number of months to complete and is financed by Mountainland Associations of Governments.
Photo:  High wheeler bicycle enthusiasts pause for a Provo picture.  Photo Courtesy: Utah State Historical Photo Archives
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  1. that makes me happy!

  2. I already enjoy our bike/pedestrian paths, and would love to see any extension/improvements of them. I’ve
    noticed when I ride my bike downtown, that once I get in the downtown area, I’m not comfortable riding my bike in the small space between parked cars and traffic. I usually park my bike and walk at that point.

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