Current Snow Melt Runoff Update

The bad news: 
The snow pack is increasing, and the forecast is for continued cool and wet weather.  The window of opportunity is shrinking for a week or two of warm weather to start the low elevation snow pack melting before getting hot weather, which would bring it all out at the same time.
The good news:
For years Provo City has been making substantial improvements to our storm drainage system, so there won’t be flooding like there was in 1983 and 1984. And maintenance activity continues to minimize other possible problems. In the photos above, our crews are removing debris that could cause the Provo River to flow into residential areas.

If you see any debris building up in the river, call the city at 801-852-6000 and report it. And for those worried about specific problems with their homes and property along Provo River, sand bags are available during normal business hours from Public Works.

Let’s all hope for a week or two of dry weather in the 70’s/low 80’s, which will go a long way to minimizing peak runoff flows in late May. We’ll continue to post the latest snow melt runoff reports on the city website here.
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