Rivalry Ride

Riding a bike from Provo to Salt Lake City seemed overwhelming to me but I wasn’t about to break the tradition,  I’ve been worried about this commitment for a long time.  Something about locking my feet to pedals and wearing tight shorts didn’t seem to be a good idea.  Add the press and cameras and for months I had pictured myself on the cover of the Herald tipped over in a ditch with my feet still attached to my pedals.

Yesterday I joined with Mayor Ralph Becker and a team of loyal bike riders to make the 50 mile ride.  I surprised myself and not only enjoyed the ride but actually was able to keep up and finish. 
The ride is tied into the BYU verses U of U football game but the real contest is to see which school can collect the most food and donations for our food banks.  Congratulations to the U of U who beat us by collecting over 352,000 pounds of food and $93,000 in cash.
In total the two schools combined to collect almost 600,000 pounds of food and $150,000 in cash donations.
PS  One more thing.  I started the day with a 5K “Chase the Mayor” run.  The Provo City Marathon talked me into challenging all the contestants to see if they could beat me.  They gave me a 60 second head start and then turned them lose to run me down.  It was a lot of fun and plenty of runners went home knowing that they had “Beat the Mayor.”
Here are some more photos:

“Y” and “U” doughnuts from Provo Bakery. Of course both were delicious, but the “Y”s were better.

Zac Whitmore with Mad Dog Cycles and the Provo Bike Committee provided free bike checks before the ride.

Myla Dutton runs Community Action Services and Food Bank in Provo. Remember the Stamp Out Hunger food drive next Saturday, May 14. Put nonperishable food products in a bag. Leave it by your mailbox. Your mail carrier will pick it up and deliver it to the local food bank.
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  1. You are a beast! Congrats on finishing the 50 miler, and thanks for representing Provo so well!

  2. This is such a great tradition. I’m glad we can be a part of it! I really hope this helps!

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