Big Blog Milestone

Tonight the blog hit a big milestone: 100,000 total pageviews. Thank you to so many who visit the blog. It has become a part of me and my term as mayor. The blog is a way to share my thoughts, fun aspects of the city, and a peak behind the curtain. 
I remember celebrating the blog reaching over 25 visitors a day. Last week the blog had over 1300 pageviews in one day.  
If you find it interesting I hope you’ll share it with others.  A special thanks to Helen who, with me, lives and breathes the blog.
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  1. Congrats on passing the milestone. I know it’s a thrill for all concerned. It’s very cool to see Provo’s future unfold on the internet. Thanks for your leadership in this outstanding effort.

    What do you think about posting the excellent UDOT Center Street interchange video?

    One other thing… as you no doubt know there is a waterfall of music being produced and recorded in Provo. My son, a BYU student, has his own record label distributed by Island Records, for example. Another example: Record producer Cliff Maag, who has earned scores of gold records, has his world class studio in Provo.

    Wouldn’t it be great if Provo promoted local music the way Austin Texas and Nashville do? One idea: Have Channel 17 exclusively use local music, (with credits scrolling across the bottom (like Bloomberg stocks)) instead of playing boring canned music the city currently buys? You could promote local arts and save money at the same time…

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