Latest Snow Melt Runoff Report

IT’S HERE, at least as far as the frontal canyons are concerned. Recent warm weather, followed by rain during the last 24 hrs (over 3/4″ in Provo), have given a healthy kick start to the runoff. Water is now flowing out of the three frontal canyons along Provo’s east bench. Snow pack levels in the mountains east of Provo have dropped about an inch per day over the last week. Expectations continue to be that runoff will be well above average this year, likely at least matching the flows experienced in 2005. The elevation of Utah Lake is 0.8′ above compromise. It could rise a another foot, or so this spring; possibly reaching, or exceeding the nearly 2′ above compromise reached in 1997 and ‘98. Flows in the lower Provo River are currently over 1100 cfs. The River has spiked up to 1200 cfs again last night with the rain storm activity. No significant increase in flow is expected over the next week. Peak flows this spring are still weather dependent, but Provo River flows will likely be in the 2000 cfs range late this month or early June, similar to the 1900 cfs in 2005.
Overall, the weather forecast is largely favorable. Cooler temperatures over the next couple of days would normally moderate flows out of the frontal canyons. However, additional runoff generated by the rain may more than compensate. Warmer temperatures at the end of the week should further increase runoff flows. Fortunately though, nothing above 80 degrees is forecast over the next week.

Snow melt runoff reports are posted regularly on the city website here.

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