Fun in the Sand

Haven’t I said we know how to have fun in Provo?
Haven’t I said we have the highest rate of volunteerism in the country?
Haven’t I said I’m determined to get a beach in our city?

A couple weeks ago we put a call out through a few organizations for volunteers to help fill sandbags for city use if needed. (Property owners can get sandbags and fill them for their own use, too). We got such an overwhelming response, we’re now having to turn away volunteers. Thank you to everyone who helped or offered to help.
You can read the latest snow melt runoff report here. The focus this weekend will be on monitoring (at least twice daily) key areas and responding to flows out of the frontal canyons. Remember, the storage capacity of Jordanelle Reservoir makes our situation different from that of other cities. Plus the improvements to our storm water system since ’83 and ’84 mean we won’t see that kind of flooding again. The kinds of issues we could face are listed here. If you see any problems, such as debris building up in the Provo River, please report them to United Way at 211 or the Provo City Helpline at 801-852-6000.
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