Where Is All the Water Coming From?

A reader suggested I post photos of the three main runoff channels that lead into our city. Each connects with our storm drain system to carry the water to the Provo River or Utah Lake. These photos were taken last Tuesday while the flows were still clear. As flows get close to peaking, they will also get dark and muddy.

Slate Canyon

This is Slate Canyon at about 9 cfs. It will probably peak around 30-40 cfs. It leads to a 72-inch drainage pipe that leads to open channels in the East Bay area that discharge into Provo Bay.

Rock Canyon
This is Rock Canyon at about 15 cfs. It may get as high as 60-80 cfs. In 1983 it fed into a 15-inch drainage pipe that quickly became plugged. Since then, the outlet has been substantially enlarged. That along with other improvements will help avoid the flooding problems of the 80’s. The drainage system takes it to the Provo River, which discharges into Utah Lake.

Little Rock Canyon
This is Little Rock Canyon at about 4 cfs. It will be the first to peak. We expect the water to start getting darker this weekend. It also leads to the Provo River.
To see where these channels are located in the city, and where they discharge, look at the Spring Runoff Areas of Impact map here.

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