Bike Giveaway at Bike to Work Day

Don’t forget about Bike to Work Day on Tuesday. For the first time ever, we’re giving away a bicycle from the city’s unclaimed property inventory (lost and stolen bikes). You might have read about it in the Daily Herald. But we’re not giving away just any bike. We’re giving away the nicest bike, picked out, cleaned off, and tuned up by the Provo Bike Committee.
The bike above is the one the Provo Bike Committee picked. They did a complete overhaul on it, meaning they took every part and bearing off of the bike, cleaned it, re-lubed it, and then put it back on. They also fixed all the brakes, shifting cables, and brake pads. They replaced the saddle, tires, tubes, grips, and added a rack for biking to work. Total value of the bike is now around $240. 
My thanks goes to the Provo Bike Committee for all they’ve done to promote bicycling in Provo. They’ve also planned a number of bike activities for next week. You can get the details here.
Here’s the before picture of the bike above:

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