Not Out of the Water Yet

Some of us have been asked by officials in other cities, “Why is Provo not panicked about flooding?” We are concerned, there’s no question about that. But we are not facing the kind of crisis other cities are facing for a few reasons, including:
  • Our snow pack levels are high, but not as high as for some other cities, especially farther north.
  • We have the benefit of the storage capacity of the Jordanelle and Deer Creek Reservoirs and good relationships with water rights entities that control those systems.
  • Provo City has consistently invested in storm water system infrastructure and improvements over the years.
  • We have experienced staff in the Public Works Department and Storm Water Division and they have been working non-stop on this for weeks.
With that said, we’re in no position to relax. How big a problem we have will still depend on the weather. For a complete picture of what is happening, watch Deputy Public Works Director Greg Beckstrom’s presentation at last week’s municipal council meeting, above. Also, here’s the latest snow melt runoff report.
By the way, the Utah Lake Festival scheduled for Saturday, June 4, has been canceled due to the rising water levels at Utah Lake.
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