I have 1199 More Just Like Him

One of the first things I learned as mayor was how talented and dedicated our city employees are. Everyday I see evidence that confirms my first impression. This email came yesterday and while it highlights only one employee, I believe that all 1200 full- and part-time city employees are just as good as Richard.
Hi Mayor Curtis,

I want you to know about an excellent Provo City employee.  I live next to some city property along Provo River on the west side, and this spring as I was observing the Provo River (with some worry) and was fortunate enough to meet Richard Synder, Storm Water Operation and Maintenance Manager.   I want to tell you how impressed I was with not only the job he did, but how he dealt with me as a citizen.

Richard didn’t need to talk to me at all — he could have gone about doing a good jog without taking the time to tell me a thing about what he was about … but Richard could tell I was a bit worried and took the time to talk to me about what the city was doing, what they had learned in ’83 and in ’05, and explained other aspects of his job.  I then saw that Richard improved the way he was dealing with a stream behind my home by installing a water gate replacing a inferior way of blocking off a culvert pipe.  And not only that, Richard handed me his business card and said, “Let me know if anything goes wrong down here or if I can do anything for you.” Last Saturday when I saw water was running around a berm Richard’s team had built, I left him a voice mail and in about 10 minutes, Richard was dealing with the issue.  On a Saturday.

Employees like Richard are a great asset to the city and I hope the city values his good service, experience and attitude.
Best regards,
Bret Dayley
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