The Blessing of Good-For-Everything Water

This email came last week to our Director of Public Works.  Thanks Suzan Nelson for reminding us of something so important in our lives.
"As I read the recent water quality report we received in the mail, I was struck once again with how much we take your department -- its people and their efforts -- for granted.  We go to the tap, we turn it on, out comes clear, clean refreshment.  A miracle really.  Simple for us as consumers.  A life's work for you folks.

We lived in El Salvador for a couple of years in the early 1990s. Water "from the street" (as it was called) was not always reliable (and not necessarily fit for gringos to drink, but still fine for showers and general cleanup). Sometimes when you turned on the tap, you got nothing. After all, there was a civil war going on at the time. So a cistern was a necessity to carry us through those dry days. We had to tightly conserve our water usage and monitor the level of the cistern so as not to come up short. We groused about it until one day one of our neighbors from a nearby barrio knocked on our door and asked if they could have a few gallons from our cistern. Their neighborhood had but one spigot and no water. We never complained again.

Thus we have come to appreciate (although admittedly take for granted) the blessing of good-for-everything water. That deserves taking some time to pause and give thanks. So thank you. Your efforts play a large and important role in our lives. We couldn't live without you!"

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  1. As I’ve heard it from a reliable source, Provo City has more spring water than any of our neighboring cities.

    I have also been told (more than once, by people in the know) that Merrill Bingham does an excellent job at making certain that Provo maintains it’s excellent reputation for high-quality water.

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