Municipal Council Elections – The Field is Set

To use the words of the Daily Herald, Provo has a flood of candidates who have filed to run for our four open City Council seats.  The situation is very unique.  We have four open seats and not one of the seats has an incumbent.
I applaud all candidates.  It’s no easy thing to put your name on the ballot.  I wish them all the best (I’m glad it’s not me).
For those seats with more than two candidates there will be a primary election Sept. 13. The general election will be held on November 8th.
Who are the candidates? 
CityWide II
Gary Garrett
Yancee M. Hardy
District 1
Bonnie Morrow
Gary Winterton
District 3
Tom Jarman
James E. Kallbacka
Jeff Marvell
Hal Miller
Glen K. Thurston
Richard Wood
District 4
Jim Pettersson
Howard Stone
Kay Van Buren
Lindsay Wiblin
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