Aggravated Assault on a Provo Police Officer

On August 7, 2011 at 1221 hours the Provo Police Department responded to a domestic dispute located at 1429 North Jordan Ave. Barry Wilson's wife became upset at him and told him to leave the house.

Mr. Wilson became upset and began throwing railroad ties through the neighbors fence. Mrs. Wilson came out and told him she was going to call the police. He stated he would use a razor knife on several family members if she did. He then told her that he would also "take them out" referring to the Provo Police Officers who responded. Barry Wilson then left the scene and began walking down the middle of the road, with knife in hand, located at 800 West Columbia Ln.

Provo Police Officers located Barry Wilson in the middle of the road located at 800 West Columbia Ln. Mr. Wilson had the knife in his hand. Officers Verbally challenged Mr. Wilson to drop the razor knife. Mr. Wilson responded to the officers by advancing towards them in an aggressive manner while stating "Go ahead, shoot me!".

Mr. Wilson was subdued with a single tazer discharge and was taken into custody without injury. He was then booked into the Utah County Jail for: Aggravated Assault on a police officer, Disorderly Conduct, Terrorist threat, and Criminal Mischief.
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  1. Anonymous

    TASERs are a valuable law enforcement tool. The alternative: shoot him?

  2. Does anyone know if Barry Wilson is a Veteran with PTSD?

  3. Why “Terrorist threat?”

  4. Anonymous

    I know someone who knows Barry Wilson and he is not a veteran, he seems like a person with substance abuse problems. It’s scary to me to think that people can just go crazy like that.

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