Municipal Primary Elections

I must admit a tinge of glee that I’m not the one running for election this year. I love being the mayor, but I’m not a fan of the election process.
This year 4 of our 7 City Council seats are up for election and no incumbents are running. This is a very unusual situation and regardless of the outcome, the election will give us four new council members next year.
Fortunately we have a large number of candidates running with a wide range of skills and talents.

The races with more than two candidates will have a primary election on September 13.  I know it’s confusing, but if you are in District 3 or 4, you will have a primary election.

To determine your precinct, council district and polling location, please go to and enter your address in the top right hand corner.  A map of your neighborhood will pop up.  Click on “My Polling Place” and your polling location, district, and precinct will be listed.
A big “thanks” to Provo City’s GIS/IS Division for such a wonderful, interactive mapping tool.  While you are looking at your district you can also see your garbage day pick up, your school board member, crime information for your area, and much more.
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