What Can Provo Learn From Israel?

What can we learn from Israel? I get to find out next week. I’ve been invited to a “Seminar for Mayors of Major US Cities” by Project Interchange, an institute of the American Jewish Committee, and here’s why I’m looking forward to going:
  • We will visit sites across Israel, including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the northern border, the Dead Sea, and Sderot. 
  • We will see how Israel is dealing with education, economic development, city administration, energy and water management, technology start-ups, diversity issues, and inter-religious cooperation.
  • We will meet with the Mayor of Jerusalem, the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, the Palestinian Prime Minister, the Israeli Prime Minister, and the Israeli President.
  • The mayors of five other cities–Houston, Miami-Dade, Cincinnati, St. Paul, and Miami–will also be on the trip, and I look forward to comparing notes and learning from their experiences running their cities.
  • Everything is paid for by Project Interchange.
The only downside is I don’t get to fly out of Provo, but you can’t have everything.
I hope to blog about Israel while I’m there, so watch for updates.
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