The Conflict

Dominant in almost every conversation this week on my trip was the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. While going through my pictures from my trip to Israel in 1979 I found this photo of the Old City walls taken with my friend and cousin, Kyle Bateman.
The photo seems to speak to the conflict that is so elusive to a solution. Brothers from one house divided against each other.
More than anything else I came away from my trip to Israel with a great sense of how small our problems in Provo are compared to so many in the world. It’s easy to get lost in disputes about how much of one’s yard should be paved and think the issue is so large it will undo us. This week put those things in proper perspective for me.
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  1. Who paid for the trip Mr. Mayor? Did Provo pay for your round trip, first class? How many staffers did you take? Who paid for their trips? How did Provo benefit from this junket?

  2. I hope you will take time to read all of the posts regarding this trip. In the posts you will see that Project Interchange paid for the trip. Not a single tax payer dollar was used for the trip. You will also see some of the advantages to Provo of the trip.

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