Feeling Groovy

Sutherland Institute blogged today about Gallup’s finding of Utah being the first in the nation in a measure that they call city optimism. That is the number of residents who think their city is becoming a better place to live. As often is the case with good things, the Provo-Orem area is the national leader in city optimism. 76.9% of residents think that their city is becoming better. The next closest areas are Austin, Texas, and Huntsville, Alabama, but the gap is pretty wide. Salt Lake City area optimism rating is 64.5.Provo-Orem is the second in overall wellbeing in populations between 300,000 and 1 million residents – second only to Boulder. City optimism is better here, but we have higher incidents of obesity and diabetes and lower exercise frequency than Boulder.

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  1. Geo

    So this means we’ve now got a goal to become healthier than the Boulderoids by this time next year, right? I think I’ll go out for an optimistic walk.

  2. I’m glad you used my photo of Rock Canyon in the winter. More and more residents are enjoying the opportunities for winter recreation in the canyon. They snowshoe, hike up and sled down, take their snowboards up for a cruise of the canyon, use cross country skis. Then, there are people like me who just put on their boots and hoof it. By 7 a.m. after a night of snowing, the trail is always packed down by the early risers.

    Perhaps when the legal issues are resolved, we should celebrate with a community Hike Rock Canyon Day and give awards to citizens who make the 1 mile mark. I would volunteer to organize tour guides to be stationed at various locations and give interesting information regarding the geology, canyon wildlife, flowers and plant species, and canyon history.

    What do you think? We could beat those “Boulderoids” by getting our citizens to take a walk in nature. It’s quite addictive!

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