UVEF Stewardship Award

The Utah Valley Earth Forum recently awarded its first Stewardship Award to Provo City for the efforts we’re taking to be protect and promote a healthy environment. What’s even better is many of these efforts also save the city money.
  • Appointed sustainability advisor and volunteer committee
  • Designed traffic signals and installed roundabouts to reduce idling
  • Adopted anti-idling policy for city fleet
  • Launched campaign to reduce idling by public
  • Designated bike paths throughout city
  • Replacing traffic signals and street lights with LED lights
  • Weatherized city buildings
  • Using solar water heating for pools in new rec center
  • Offering low cost energy audits to power customers
  • Working on smart grid plan to help power customers reduce energy consumption
  • Adopted net metering policy to encourage solar power production
  • Implemented green waste and household curbside recycling programs
  • Working on promoting transit based development to reduce dependence on automobiles
  • Facilitates a farmers market in summer months
  • Allows employees to plant vegetables in City Center planters and donate produce to food bank
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  1. Three cheers for the Provo City Sustainability Committee.

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