2011 Accomplishments–Energy

Provo City Power, or the Provo City Energy Department, supplies the electricity for all of the homes and businesses throughout the city. We are one of the few cities in the state and country that do not rely on a private, investor-owned electric company for power. Provo City Power is the largest public power system in the state with over 35,000 electric meters and well over 380 miles of distribution and 60 miles of transmission lines.   Here are some of the Energy Department’s main accomplishments from 2010:
  • Implemented and administered the “Switch It Provo” energy efficiency program, including an appliance rebate program, a weatherization rebate program, and a residential energy audit program, benefiting over 1700 customers and processing over $400,000 in federally-funded rebates.
  • Implemented a new electrical rate design to promote energy conservation as mandated by the 2005 Federal Energy Act and to cover increased power supply costs.
  • At the request of the administration, studied the need to centralize the customer service operation. The study resulted in recommendations that are now being implemented, including moving the customer service and billing operation to the City Center lobby.
  • Assisted UDOT in the reconstruction of the I-15 freeway by relocating the 46KV transmission line and 12KV circuits on 820 North as well as two overhead 6000 amp 12KV circuits.
  • Worked to sustain the system’s 99.9% reliability rate by 1) upgrading server equipment to monitor the equipment, 2) continuing ongoing maintenance of 18 substations, and 3) planning for a $1.8 million substation to be built and completed by the summer of 2012.
  • Performed electrical utility engineering for approximately 265 projects, including new commercial developments such as the Utah Valley Convention Center, the Nu Skin expansion, and the airport terminal and tower.
  • Maintained street trees, including pruning or removing 10,604 trees, removing 191 stumps, planting over 400 new trees, and composing almost 3,535 cubic yards of wood chips.
  • Retro-fitted and replaced street lights on Center Street and University Avenue as part of the government funded Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant. Used LED lighting to replace the 150 Watt high pressure sodium lights and replaced cracked lenses and equipment at a total cost of $204,000.
  • Helped restore power in Bountiful after a severe windstorm as per a mutual aide agreement. One line crew of five worked for 4 days, another line crew of four worked for three days, and a forestry crew worked for three days. They worked 16 to 20 hours per day replacing broken poles and downed power lines.
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  1. I love living in Provo. But I am struggling with a rising (significantly) electric bill and I would like to see more information given on the bill to help me understand whether it is just the rate increases affecting my bottom line or if there are other things I can do to lower my bill. I have heard of programs that give customers greater information on the bill like how they compare to other customers in their neighborhoods. I’ve done many of the usual conservation things like energy efficient light bulbs and sealing windows but would like to learn about other things I can do. Thanks for your consideration.

  2. Helen Anderson (Provo City PIO)

    Landra, I would’ve answered sooner but I just saw your comment. If you haven’t already, call Provo Power at 801-852-6802 for more information about the rate increases and suggestions for lowering consumption.

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