Provo – Tree City USA

Did you know we have a city forester? His name is Scott Bunker and the Provo City Forestry Division in the Energy Department manages over 30,000 trees that are growing under electrical power lines and facilities. Our crews maintain (prune, remove, spray, and plant) 15,000 street trees throughout the city. In a typical year we donate hundreds of trees to Provo citizens in our annual Trees for Energy Conservation Program.
Provo City has been nationally recognized for over 25 consistent years as having an outstanding urban forestry program.
Provo’s long standing tradition of planning for and taking care of our beautiful urban forest has been an important part of the beauty found in Provo. Planting and maintaining trees was also included in our Vision 2030 document.
The division produces a Tree Selection Guide and Tour of our city trees. The book is designed to serve as a directory of our trees and to help residents learn more about trees. It’s also a self-guided tour of the trees in Provo.
It’s a fabulous resource for our residents. If you haven’t seen it check it out. 
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