Changing of the Guard

Aloha and Bud Porter
Yesterday, teachers and students at Provost Elementary thanked Bud Porter for his 17 years of service as a crossing guard at the school. Captain Jerry Harper from the Provo Police Department was there to help thank him for his contribution to the safety of the schoolchildren in the area.

So many students wanted to sign a poster for Bud, the school had to make multiple posters. The students also expressed their appreciation through enthusiastic cheering at the assembly. This is what it looked like when they were asked to stand up if they had ever been helped across the street by Bud.

There are probably hundreds more at Centennial, Timpview, and around the city who remember Bud as well. When you serve for 17 years, you impact a lot of people. Thank you, Bud!
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  1. Hey! Send a poster to Atlanta to sign! Bud was so amazing. He is going to be missed.

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