How Do I Dispose of Large Items?

If it can be recycled, large bulky items like cardboard boxes can be broken down to fit into a curbside household recycling (blue) can. If you are not enrolled in the curbside recycling program, you can take the items to one of these drop-off recycling sites in Provo:
  • SUVSWD compost station, 1625 S. Industrial Parkway
  • Kiwanis Park, 820 N. 1100 East
  • Fort Utah Park, 200 N. Geneva Rd.
  • Western Metals, 1776 S. Colorado Ave
There is no charge to use the bins at these sites. The bins are separated into sections for plastic, paper/cardboard, and metals. For compost station hours, please call the South Utah Valley Solid Waste District at 801-489-3027, or visit the compost page on its website.

For things that can’t be recycled, every spring, the city provides free dumpsters to help residents get rid of any clutter in their homes. This year, Spring Cleanup will be from April 2 to May 12, and the dumpsters will be located at 600 S. 600 East, behind the Provo City Cemetery.

The March city newsletter has helpful information about disposing of paint, oil, pesticides, appliances, prescription drugs, electronics and yard waste. And for other “what to do with” questions, check out the list near the bottom of this page on the city website.

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  1. Shana

    It would be nice if there were a way to recycle glass in Provo.

  2. P

    Not an exemplary pic. The receptacles are not supposed to be over filled, although a lot of people push the limits. : )

  3. What would it take to get weekly recycling to happen in Provo?

    (And ditto the glass comment above.)

  4. Elaine

    Have you changed the rules on over-filled black garbage containers???

    1. John

      Hi Elaine,

      With the exception of Christmas trees and leaf bags, everything Provo City picks up must be inside the automated garbage cans.

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