My Idea for a New City Center

It seems like no matter how many times I dismiss the idea of a new City Center it keeps coming back and bouncing around in my mind. This week I’m in Washington D.C. where the buildings always inspire me. Today it dawned on me that if we are going to build a new City Center someday, why not aim big? So with that in mind, I present below my idea for the design of the new City Center. 

Every great building needs a great monument in front of it right? So while I was picking out a building I picked out a statue for the front. Some may argue that the horse and rider represent the mayor and city council, but which is which is up to interpretation.

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  1. Marilyn

    Lofty goals my friend, lofty goals.

  2. Richard Beers

    Recently had an idea about the future of Provo City. My idea is as follows.

    Provo should lease space from the proposed University Towers, then demolish the current city building, excluding the Police Dept. Build a mid rise 6-10 floor building and incorporate a new Police Headquarters into the original design. Then, once the new city offices are complete, the economy will have (Hopefully) recovered sufficiently that the University Tower won’t have a difficult time finding new tenants. Then, once moved into the new building, raze the police dept building and use it as open space, until a new police dept building is needed.

    I think this would help immensely with the redevelopment of downtown.
    Just my opinion.

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