The 40th Anniversary of the Provo Temple

Photo by Tosh Metzger

2012 Provo Founders Day Lecture

Monday, April 2, 2012
2 p.m.
L. Tom Perry Special Collections Classroom
Herald B. Lee Library

Temple Architecture for a Modern Age: 
The 40th Anniversary of the Provo Temple
Presented by Alan Barnett

When the Ogden and Provo LDS temples were dedicated in 1972, they were unlike any LDS temples that had preceded them. The two temples introduced a new concept in how a temple might look. Over time, their design has proved to be controversial, but after 40 years it is possible to look back and better understand the historical significance and architectural value of these buildings. As the lone survivor of the “twin” temples, the Provo Temple stands today as a unique and beloved landmark in Utah Valley.
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