National Police Week 2012

In honor of National Police Week, here’s a shout out to the outstanding men and women (and K9s) of the Provo Police Department. The quality of life we enjoy in Provo is due in large part to their dedicated day-in, day-out service. You can read more about National Police Week and the memorial service held for Provo police officers who have died in the line of duty on the Provo Police Department’s blog. You can also read some of the compliments the city has received over the past year regarding our police officers below.

“In recent weeks I have seen an increase number of patrol cars along Columbia Avenue. I don’t know if the department has been paying special attention to this area, but regardless, I want to say thank you. I walk home from school everyday along this road and have to be very cautious in this area since motorists seem to believe the speed limit does not apply to this part of the city. My uncle who lives in Sugar House is an officer so I know a little bit about how hard you guys work.”
“I really like the Provo Police Department because they helped us find our sister-in-law, who had just come to live with us in October 2010. We were very worried because she did not know our area well and she has Downs Syndrome that greatly reduces her ability to speak clearly. We knew she could not ask for help or explain who she was and where she lived. The Provo Police and Fire Department had a very thorough plan. It felt good to be surrounded by so many well trained officers and the day had a very happy ending. Thank you.”
” . . . Last Friday afternoon I was involved in an accident on University Avenue, where I was rear ended while waiting for the light. Officer Whatcott . . . handled the situation in what I felt was a very professional, but most of all for me, in a very friendly and courteous manner. He made sure everyone was uninjured . . . all parties had the correct paperwork to fill out and . . . insurance. He was good to communicate with each driver and had things taken care of in a timely manner. I found him to be delightful and easy to work with.”
“. . . On Monday . . . the 5 kids that trespassed, and burglarized my home and destroyed things were caught. If not for the efforts of this Officer I would still to this day be waiting for an outcome. He even recovered my $2000.00 diamond wedding ring and personally brought it back to me. I want to commend his efforts and I sincerely thank you for employing such a caring and dedicated person as Officer J Coombs!”
“Officer Dove, thank you for allowing your officers to participate in the Utah Valley Art Show last week at the Zions Bank Building in Provo. Officers Jensen & Harmon were professional and represented Provo and your Police Department very well. I personally had 5 citizens and 2 elected officials thank me for having Provo officers present.  Thank you again.”
Officer Paul Janda received high praise from a very complimentary citizen who was unfortunately the responsible party in a traffic accident. Although the person was upset by the damage he caused, he was relieved that Officer Janda was so professional and thoughtful during this experience. Even though he received a citation for his involvement in the accident, the he felt strongly that he should call and let Officer Janda’s supervisor know what “an outstanding job” he had done making this bad experience a positive experience. The caller ended the conversation by stating that Officer Janda “was a great officer.”
” . . . just wanted to write a quick note about some officers that helped me out earlier today at Rock Canyon Park. A Provo City grounds keeper accidentally hit my car window with a rock while he was weed wacking. We called the police to just take a report for us and not only did they take the report but they cleaned the glass up for me. I was there with my four kids and it was very above and beyond of the officers to clean my car for me, he even picked up glass one by one off the seats so my kids would be safe. I don’t remember both of their names but I think OTTE was training the officer that cleaned up my car. Anyways, thought you would like to know!”
“Yesterday I contacted your agency for assistance . . . I made a ‘cold’ call to your records section. Unfortunately I did not obtain the females name that I spoke to, but she was extremely professional, patient and helpful. After our conversation, she took my office phone number and advised that if any additional information was received, someone from your agency would contact me. Later in the day I received a phone call from . . . Officer Roland. . . . If these two individuals are a representation of the personnel you have working for your agency, you should be very proud. Their courtesy and professionalism is appreciated.”
“I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to Officer Roland. He recently helped me with my complaint against an aggressive driver. Officer Roland helped me understand the process, and patiently answered all of my questions. He resolved my complaint quickly, and efficiently. I really appreciated his help. Thank you.”

“. . . I called in an early morning report that my pickup was broken into and that various irreplaceable personal items were taken. . . . It was shocking to find the driver’s side window smashed and find the items missing! . . . during the day I received [Officers Justin North and Martin Webb’s] calls asking for more description of the items taken. Later that same afternoon, you informed me that you had some of my items. I was overjoyed to come to the police department and get the major items back!”
“Just a note to say thanks to dispatch and one of your officers that responded to my home Saturday night after someone tried to break into my son and daughters cars. While nothing appeared to be stolen or damaged, dispatch suggested to my son that they send out an officer just to be sure. Officer Sam Hunter responded to our home. . . . he was so kind and considerate with my family and children. I am grateful that we live in a community where residents feel safe and protected because of the local law enforcement.”

You can read more compliments about our police officers and other city employees on the “Mayor’s Brag Book” on the city website.

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