Special Awards for Two Provo City Employees

This year as a highlight of the Annual EMS Conference, Chief Gary Jolley was presented the Keith Hooker Lifetime Achievement Award. Gary has also been on a fast track in competing and winning four gold medals and one silver medal in the Western States Police and Fire Games in Reno. As an accomplished athlete, Gary has participated in two Utah Ironman triathlon races held in Provo. He is a tough competitor both personally and in his work ethic. Gary was awarded with Provo Fire and Rescue’s Award of Excellence in 2001 and was recognized as Fire Officer of the Year in 2005.
Deputy Chief Gary Jolley has demonstrated stability in the department and his work ethic is an example to others. Gary’s contributions are exemplary and are worthy goals that fellow firefighters and colleagues can strive to emulate.

Traci Anderson received the Utah County Child Abuse Prevention Team’s, Kelly Frye-Glasser Professional of the Year Award for her service to child victims at the Provo Police Department.  Traci has been an advocate in the Provo Police Victim Services Program for three years and works most of the child abuse cases received in the Victim Services Program.  She assists child victims at the police department and has spent many hours helping victims through the criminal justice process, supporting them with resources, and works closely with detectives and prosecutors to make sure the victim’s voice is heard.
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