Attention North University Avenue Travelers

The contractor for the CUWCD pipeline, COP Construction, will be working on the intersection of 3700 North and University Ave in Provo this Saturday, August 18, beginning at 7 a.m.  They will finish repaving on Wednesday, August 22. This construction will create limited access to 3700 North from University Ave. University Ave will continue to have two northbound and two southbound lanes open during the closure.
Here’s what we know about the traffic pattern from the pipeline public information team:
  • There will be no left turns any direction at 3700 North.
  • Only southbound University Ave. traffic will be able to turn right onto 3700 North.
  • Northbound University Ave. traffic will not be able to make any turns onto 3700 North.
  • All eastbound 3700 North traffic will be required to make a right turn at University Ave. only.
  • Westbound 3700 North traffic will be detoured north and south at Canyon Road. Only local traffic will be allowed between Canyon Road and University Ave.
  • The local traffic from 3700 North will be allowed to make a right turn only, at University Ave.
This map may help. Remember, for questions or concerns, call the project hotline at 801-899-2743 or email
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  1. This is information would have been helpful when they closed the road last time.

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