If You Hear the Sirens…

Don’t forget: We test our emergency sirens every year on Election Day at noon. It helps us prepare for emergencies and is a reminder to vote.
There is a siren on the roof of Fire Station 1 at the City Center, 351 W. Center St. (above). And there are three located in the Riverbottoms area at about 2750 N., 3800 N., and 5200 N. along University Avenue.

This year, if you hear one of the Riverbottoms sirens, we’d like to know where you were. Please tell us in a comment below. It will help us better understand their reach.

As incentive to leave a comment, I’ll give something away. I don’t know what it is yet. Maybe you can suggest something.

Update: Congratulations, Stan, you won a gift certificate for two large Maui Bowls from Maui Bowl (a $14.37 value). Call my office at 801-852-6100 so we can arrange to get it to you.
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  1. By the Provo Cemetery. Just figured it was like every other day 🙂 this isnt unusual to us so its hard to tell if its the Riverbottoms one or just regular buisness as usual

  2. Tim

    It looks like there is a one-mile radius of these sirens. Seems like a lot of Provo would never hear them. Good thing we have other ways of communicating in case of emergency.

  3. Just heard the Riverbottoms siren (Noon). I’m at 5252 N University in the Riverbottoms business park

  4. I work in the Riverwoods and just heard them!!

  5. I just heard the sirens from my house over by Provo Fire Station 3. They were soft but I could hear them.

  6. Heard the siren at noon up in the Sherwood Hills neighborhood by the park on the corner of Foothill and Windsor Dr.

  7. I just heard one of the sirens barely, from 1000 East 184 South, in Provo. You could give a one day pass away to the the new activity center when it’s finished, just an idea.

  8. I heard the sound. It was really short this year.

  9. I listened at Wasatch School and didn’t hear a thing at noon… sorry!!

  10. Anonymous

    I NEVER hear them in stone gate.

  11. Can i come down from my roof yet?

  12. Was at Two Jacks Pizza for lunch and didn’t hear anything.

  13. Megan

    I heard the sirens and the voice broadcast from about 1200 E 800 N in Orem.

  14. We heard them in Orem as well, around 400 S 900 E

  15. I heard them loud and clear at work at 5109 Edgewood Drive in Provo, directly behind the Riverwoods.

  16. Anonymous

    I was outside at Scera Park elementary in Orem and heard a very faint siren.

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