So Long, Train Horns!

Great news! The “quiet zone” process is complete. Trains will now stop blowing their horns at key crossings in Provo (except in cases of emergency). You can read more about it in this Daily Herald article.

Finally, I can get some much needed beauty sleep.

(But seriously, please remember to be safe!)

P.S. Here’s some additional information from Deputy Public Works Director Greg Beckstrom:

This is exciting news that routine train horns will NOT be used at crossings along the UTA tracks, or along the Union Pacific tracks where they have joint crossing gates.

Horns should now only be sounded at these locations in case of emergency, i.e., a pedestrian or vehicle is on or too close to the railroad tracks.

Additionally, it should be remembered that the quiet zone does not apply to the Union Pacific only crossings in northwest Provo (820 North, 1680 North, and 2000 North); or in southeast Provo, south of 600 South and east of University Avenue.

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  1. Geo

    Oh, Mayor. Thank you!

  2. I grew up in Provo and one thing that I remember fondly are the train horns! We were pretty far from the trains so they weren’t ever too loud. On summer nights I would fall asleep with the window open listening to the trains in the distance. To this day I feel calm and peaceful when I hear a distant train horn. 🙂

    1. Anonymous

      Same here, I always have a peaceful feeling when I hear the train and the horn blowing.

  3. YAY! For one that lives close to the tracks, the train horns will not be missed. Especially as I’m napping on my hammock in my yard on a nice spring day.

    Thanks to everyone that has worked so hard on this initiative over the last (at least) five years.

  4. I’m sorry mayor but I really don’t see an issue with the train horns. These horns have been blasted for several decades for a reason. Because too many people are not cautious enough at these crossings. Most of the people complaining haven’t lived near the tracks as long as the horns have been blasting. How many more train/pedestrian or train/vehicle accidents are going to happen in this quiet zone due to people being too impatient when the crossing arms come down and it doesn’t appear that there is a train coming down the tracks. How many more lives will be lost? I like the fact that trains are able to let you know they are in the area. Without their horn you really don’t know. I hope this is not a regretted decision.

  5. Anonymous

    i LOVE the train whistle. they speak safety to me. please restore them.

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