2012 Accomplishments–Energy

The Energy Department, also known as Provo Power, started on April 1, 1940. With over 35,000 electric meters and well over 380 miles of distribution and 60 miles of transmission lines, it is the largest public power system in the state. Here are some of its accomplishments from 2012:
  • Completed the first and started the second phase of the multi-million dollar project of upgrading the electrical infrastructure downtown, improving reliability for downtown businesses with new wiring and control cabinets. Financial participation by Nu Skin and the LDS Church is helping to accelerate the work. The third and final phase will be completed by summer.
  • Installed new LED streetlights along Center Street and University Avenue. The new lighting consumes significantly less energy and offers a clean white light. It was paid for with an Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant.
  • Completed the upgrade of the west to east transmission line. Construction work has started at our new substation located near the I-15 Center Street interchange to add capacity to our transmission network. A new transformer will be installed to bolster the capacity and reliability of the transmission line serving the east side of town. This work compliments the added transmission capacity built on the west side for future growth and connectivity.
  • Started a new maintenance program for city traffic lights in cooperation with city traffic engineers. Signal lights will be inspected twice a year to help with performance and reliability, minimizing after-hours problems.
  • Continued to minimize outages and improve system reliability through tree clearance, engineering, line maintenance, and new technologies. Except for the early winter storm in November with the heavy snow and leaves still on the tree, the electrical system has been very reliable, operating with fewer interruptions to customers this year than in the last 10 years.
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